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Small business owners need to take advantage of the internet to grow their business. Affordable small business SEO services are long-term strategies, not an instant solution. It takes time and effort for search engines to recognize your site as a valuable resource that should be ranked highly in their search results. This can be frustrating if you’re looking for fast results from your marketing efforts, or if you are promised “page one” results in a matter of days. DMP offers affordable solutions that will help you reach new customers, boost sales and get more leads without breaking the bank or having to wait excessively long for results. We work with businesses of all sizes, so no matter what kind of company you own we have a plan tailored just for you. Our team works with small businesses across Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, among others. Whether you are looking to improve your local SEO or expand into other markets like New York City, Los Angeles, or national, we have services designed specifically with our clients needs in mind.

Find Affordable Small Business SEO Services That Actually Work

Affordable Small Business SEO Services

Small business owners often think that they can’t afford to invest in affordable small business SEO services for their company. There are many small business owners who do not know the importance of SEO for their website. In order to attract more potential customers, it’s important to be found by those who are searching for your services online. But, when you find the right company who offers affordable and effective services, then you won’t have to worry about whether or not it’s worth it. At Digital Marketing Partners, we provide you with the affordable small business SEO services that will help your business climb the SERP rankings.

  • Performance Guarantee #1

    Gain a guaranteed minimum of five keyword rankings each month, appearing within the first two page results of Google. This ensures that your campaigns have ongoing visibility improvements for long-term growth.

  • Performance Guarantee #2

    We guarantee that every month you will observe a net positive ranking improvement of existing keywords. This means not only will your website have more relevant and new rankings, but it also ensures that established rankings are improving and increasing.

  • Control Services Costs

    Gain control over your SEO services with monthly or yearly management plans that can be tailored to your unique needs. With this, you can create a solution that works for you and give you the flexibility, scalability and oversight required.

  • Trusted Provider

    Drawing on our years of experience, we bring together a passion for success to be an asset you can count on. We provide trusted, comprehensive SEO advice and serve as your reliable guide throughout the process.

  • Increased Efficiency & Productivity

    By partnering with SEO experts, companies can achieve greater efficiency and focus their resources on tasks that will maximize value for themselves as well as their clients.

  • Digital Marketing Consulting

    Our experienced digital marketing consulting team can help you make the right decisions on how to maximize your success online. With years of insight into how to use the internet effectively, we offer an array of services designed to help your business reach its full potential.

  • Economy of Scale

    For businesses to survive and grow, the support structure needs to keep up. Our managed SEO services provide a reliable digital marketing solution that can accommodate growth. With our scaling capabilities, you can equip your organization with the resources it needs to expand.


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  • Keyword Research

    Research is an essential part of any successful business. To ensure our clients reach their desired goals, we use data to identify the highest demand key words and search phrases for their industry. This will help them gain visibility and increase potential sales.

  • Monthly Ranking Reports

    Reports are important tools for tracking progress and results related to a campaign. They can contain information such as progress updates, keyword rankings on Google, and more. Reports help provide insights into the effectiveness of a particular campaign which can then be used to make adjustments and improve results.

  • SEO Setup & Support

    Setting up a website involves many different steps. This includes creating visible and invisible content, establishing Google accounts, and conducting technical SEO checks. Doing all of these tasks will help ensure a successful and optimized website.

  • Content Recommendations

    Recommendations to improve website performance may include addressing conversion enhancements, customer engagement initiatives, aesthetic improvements, or any other areas that have the potential to benefit website performance.

  • Digital Marketing Consulting

    We deliver high-quality consulting services, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions about what works best online. Our advice is based on proven strategies to ensure that your investments bring the highest return.

  • SEO Service Plans

    Clients have the ability to make a selection from a range of service plans, stretching from local to international SEO management, in order to bring their business venture to the next level.

Pricing & Service Plans


Choose the plan that works best for you. Still have questions? Reach out to us.

Affordable Small Business SEO Services

Great for small businesses looking to grow their online visability
As Low As

$665 /month

No Setup Fee
No Long Term Commitments
Additional Options Available

  • KEYWORD RESEARCH — Identify high-demand search phrases likely to generate sales/actions.
  • INITIAL VISIBLE CONTENT OPTIMIZATION — Optimization of the visible readable content on the website, with consideration of target keywords. Up to 10 web pages.
  • INITIAL NON-VISIBLE CONTENT OPTIMIZATION — Content optimization improving non–visible HTML elements including meta tags, page title, alt tags, etc. Up to 10 web pages.
  • TECHNICAL SEO EVALUATION — Observation of the overall technical SEO health of the website. Includes the review of the web page load speed, mobile responsive design, SSL hosting, inbound link quality, crawling issues, robots.txt, sitemap, and other technical factors that impact the performance of the SEO campaign.
  • TECHNICAL SITE DESIGN EVALUATION — Observation of the overall SEO design health of the website. Includes the review of the on-page link crawling, content crawling, content impact on search, internal & external duplicate content, devalued content, pop-ups, below-the-fold content, page count, infinite-scroll issues and other design related factors that impact the performance of the SEO campaign.
  • WEBSITE PERFORMANCE RECOMMENDATION — If needed, performance recommendations addressing conversion improvements, customer engagement, messaging, aesthetics, or issues that could improve website performance.
  • WEBSITE ARCHIVE — Archival of web pages targeted for optimization before and after the initial SEO work is implemented. This provides a snapshot of each web page addressed by the SEO campaign..
  • WEBSITE CONTENT & LAYOUT RECOMMENDATIONS — Provided on an as-needed basis, the recommendation of new web pages including SEO landing pages or pages that can help with the performance of the website (improved conversion rates). Assistance will be offered if recommendations are made.
  • BUSINESS DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONS — Link building and profile submissions through business directory listings. Includes major business portals like and Merchant Circle. Network expands to 200+ resource sites.
  • ONLINE YELLOWPAGE SUBMISSIONS — Link building and profile submissions through Online Yellow Pages websites.
  • GPS & MOBILE MAP SUBMISSIONS — Link building and profile submissions across GPS Systems like TomTom, Chevy, Toyota and other automotive manufacturer's phone and mapping services.
  • VOICE RECOGNITION & SEARCH SUBMISSIONS — Link building and profile submissions through voice search technology like Apple's Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Android Devices.
  • LOCAL SEO — Creation and/or optimization of up to two Google My Business listings. Additional locations can be added which includes a unique report for each location, location optimization, directory submissions, and a separate Google My Business listing.
  • SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSIONS — Website submissions to over 20 US–based search engines, including all major engines and numerous secondary search engines.
  • ADAPTATION TO SEARCH ENGINE RANKING UPDATES — Google implements over 500 ranking adjustments per year. We make adjustments to the campaign to accommodate these changes.
  • ONGOING SEO SERVICES — Ongoing SEO tasks to ensure long–term campaign growth. A "whatever it takes" strategy to work on the specific elements of SEO that will produce the best results. On a month-to-month basis the campaign will need to have different tasks prioritized, ranging from more content, more pages, content optimization adjustments, more inbound links, keyword retargeting, product targeting (data highlighting), strategy adjustments, website infrastructure cleanup, bad link removal, etc.
  • XML SITEMAPS — Construction of XML sitemaps to ensure search engine BOT crawling and to identify crawling issues. Sitemaps are crawled by all major search engines.
  • BAD LINK CLEANUP — If bad inbound links are identified during the SEO Evaluation, we post the bad links to Google's Disavow Links tool to reduce their negative impact on search rankings.
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS ACCOUNT CREATION — The addition of a Google Analytics account (if one does not already exist). Evaluation of website traffic stats to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the website and to provide feedback concerning SEO campaign performance.
  • SEARCH CONSOLE ACCOUNT CREATION — Creation and installation of a Google Search Console account. Google Search Console provides direct feedback from Google covering performance metrics about the website. This information is used to identify websites and campaigns, and to provide direction for future SEO work.
  • MONTHLY RANKING REPORTS & UPDATES — Campaign progress updates and a keyword ranking report showing rankings for relevant keywords on Google.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING — With years of experience, our digital marketing team has seen all that the internet has to offer. Tap our knowledge to help you to make the most sense of what works on the internet, and what does not.

Need a custom service plan? We can work with you to find a solution to fit your needs. Reach out to us.



For businesses looking to get the most out of their marketing budget, opting for affordable small business SEO services can be a wise choice. An effective SEO campaign has the potential to result in increased visibility, more web traffic and ultimately, higher sales and ROI. With careful planning and effective strategies, businesses have the opportunity to improve their online presence with an affordable SEO service.

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