Content Marketing

How Can Content Marketing Help a Business?

Content marketing is becoming increasingly more relevant for businesses in every industry. There are many benefits to content marketing, and if you haven’t explored all the ways it can help your business, let us dive into that now. Content marketing is an effective method of advertising that incorporates many different strategies, but the key ingredient is creative and engaging content. Marketing is about your relationship with your customer. Telling your story in an effective way where the customer trusts you to deliver the product or service they need better than your competitor would. With content marketing, the way you tell your story and build a relationship with your target audience is different from traditional marketing. Content marketing is about delivering creative and relevant content to your target audience, both to attract new customers as well as retain your current ones in order to increase your ongoing sales. Where traditional marketing is like casting a large net of information to a wide audience and crossing your fingers in hopes of reaching your target audience, content marketing allows you to effectively reach your customers and avoid spamming everyone else. When you don’t have to spend your resources advertising to consumers who will never be customers, you can instead focus on those who are or will be your customers. The list of ways content marketing can help your business is lengthy. Content marketing will help your business increase organic search traffic, generate quality leads, increase your company’s social media engagements, improve your brand awareness, build trust, and improve sales.

Content Marketing Helps Increase Organic Search Traffic

Attracting organic search traffic to your website through SEO is crucial to any business. It is the critical component of every successful long-term marketing strategy. Simply defined, organic traffic is the number of visitors to your website who found your website through a search for a keyword or phrase. Usually the search term is related to the need for a specific product or service in a certain area, not a direct search for your company name. This means paid advertising, such as PPC, isn’t needed to attract organic traffic. Not to say there is no place for paid advertising in your marketing plan, but search engines—namely Google—love good content and will reward websites with quality content by ranking them high in search results, thus increasing organic traffic to your website. The more frequently your website comes up in a search, the more likely potential customers will go to your website and buy your product or hire your company for a service. Additionally, a good strategic content marketing plan will include a variety of elements and types of content that will be posted in a variety of ways. When you have original, engaging content, your target audience will have a reason to visit your website again and again. There are many types of engaging content you can create, including videos, infographics, blogs, podcasts, social media posts, and web page content.

Another content marketing strategy that will increase your organic search traffic is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is directly tied to the keywords or phrases that your target audience is using when they are searching for your product or service. When your website is optimized using specific keywords and phrases, it will help your target audience find your site on the search engine results pages. In order to be done correctly, SEO requires a great deal of research and data analysis. There is a fine art to finding the best keywords and phrases for your website. While you can try this on your own, we recommend you work with digital marketing and SEO experts such as Digital Marketing Partners. Our industry-leading, results-driven digital marketing team can optimize your website and get you the consistent, long-term results you need.

Content Marketing Helps Generate Leads

Once your website is optimized and your content marketing team has helped you create interesting and innovative content, you will see an increase in the number of qualified leads. In driving organic traffic to your website, SEO is a part of generating qualified leads to your website. The more your business shows up in the search engine results, the easier it will be for your target audience to find your product or service. One content marketing strategy you can implement easily is to create regular, ongoing blogs on your website. Having an active blog is a wonderful source of content, and you can optimize using keywords. It is also important to publish regularly and add links to each post. Linking to relevant content on your website will also help keep users on your website for longer periods of time, as well as gain credibility with Google. All of these efforts will increase your website traffic, improve your standing on search engine results pages, and help your target audience find your website and purchase your product or service.

Another digital marketing strategy that will generate qualified leads for your business is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, or Google Ads. This method is guaranteed to help you reach your target audience with incredible precision and speed. After you have researched your keywords and phrases and analyzed your data, you will be able to define the parameters around your target audience. Once you have a clearly defined target audience, you can create specific ad campaigns using the best keywords for your strategy. This will generate qualified leads to your website and increase the chances of conversion. In addition to providing you nearly instantaneous results, PPC advertising also provides you with a wealth of data. Your digital marketing team will help you analyze the data and glean helpful information for current and future campaigns. You will be able to make data-informed decisions about how to best utilize your resources to increase your qualified leads.

Content Marketing will Increase Sales

The point of all advertising and marketing is to improve your sales revenue, and content marketing can do just that. Working with digital marketing experts such as Digital Marketing Partners can help you create a well planned and researched digital marketing strategy utilizing a variety of content marketing strategies. You can create a plethora of wonderful content about your products or services, but if your content creation is not a part of a strategic digital marketing plan, content alone will not increase your sales. It is not enough to simply have a ton of content on your website. People who are looking for the products and services you offer must be able to find your website in a search. And most people won’t purchase your product or service the first time they visit your website. They may be researching companies or organizations or even different types of products or services. It is important to create content and ad campaigns to meet your target audience based on wherever they may be in the purchasing process—whether they are researching, considering their options, or ready to make a decision. Content marketing will guide your potential customer through the entire decision-making process and help you outshine your competitors. It is much easier to make a sale when a customer is looking for your particular expertise rather than trying to convince someone they need your product or service. Content marketing helps you create those opportunities with consumers who are looking for what you are selling, thus increasing your qualified leads as well as conversions. Higher conversions lead to increased sales revenue, and then the conversation becomes about improving your customer loyalty and brand recognition, so customers will keep coming back to purchase more of your products or hire you for your services the next time they need them.

Content Marketing Builds Trust

Content marketing also benefits your business by helping you build a relationship with your customers. In the past, relationships between businesses and customers were largely based on face-to-face interactions when they were in your brick-and-mortar location or even over the phone when they called your customer service line. With the increase in online shopping, your online presence is another way to build trust and increase your customer loyalty. Creating content will give you the opportunity to interact with your existing customers as well as your target audience. Consumers can ask questions on your social media channels, leave reviews, and even follow your social media page. Every time they interact with your brand and your content is another opportunity to strengthen their loyalty to your product or service. For instance, a potential customer may be looking for your particular product. They search their favorite social media platform and they immediately see your branded content. They are also able to see the way you interact with your other followers, read other customers’ comments, and get a feel for not just what products you offer, but your entire brand. When they follow your social accounts, they will be so engaged that when they are ready to make a purchase, they will remember you.

Content marketing allows you to build relationships with your customers in new and innovative ways. Your engaging content will help customers see your business as an authority, and more than just a product, service, or transaction. It is also a way for them to understand the values and principles of your business. This is a part of content marketing where you create something of value that is more than a monetary transaction. Your customers will be more likely to trust your advice and recommendations when they know you are not solely interested in their wallet. Incorporating this type of content will boost your social engagements, which will also ensure your content consistently shows up in front of your target audience. All of these positive interactions and engagements will further build brand awareness with your target audience. Content marketing and the way you build relationships with your customers will help them build a positive association with your brand. 

Social media is a new form of a very old marketing tactic: word of mouth. With content marketing, you can build your followers, which will improve your brand awareness and customer loyalty, but it is also the opportunity for your loyal customers to advocate for your product or service. When they are happy with their purchase or learned something from your engaging content, they will be more likely to share their thoughts and opinions with their friends and followers. Their friends and followers can share the content with their friends and followers, and so forth. Engaged followers will subscribe to your blog posts and turn on notifications for your posts. Every post they share is an opportunity for you to reach more people and grow your follower base over time. As your follower base increases and consumers rely on you for content, you will establish your brand as a leading authority and industry expert. Consumers will turn to you for answers to questions and valuable insight on products or services. Content marketing will help you build long-lasting relationships with your customers, which will be beneficial for the longevity of your business.


In conclusion, content marketing will benefit your business in a myriad of ways. It will increase the organic traffic to your website, generate qualified leads and improve your conversion rates, increase your sales revenue, and build trust with your customers. To succeed in business, it has always been essential to have quality products and services and strong relationships between businesses and customers. If you have the quality products and services, content marketing will help you tell everyone about them as well as build relationships with your customers. Content marketing will keep your customers connected to your business in ways traditional marketing has never been able to. Nobody likes to be bombarded with spam messages, and very few businesses would want to waste resources marketing to consumers who are not interested in what they’re selling. This makes content marketing an essential part of your marketing strategy, and something you can hardly afford not to do.

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