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DMP is staffed with tech-savvy pros with a broad range of digital marketing skills for businesses. Chief among them are our Philadelphia content marketing services, including content strategy, content writing, and content optimization. We offer amazing talent, exceptional expertise, and years of experience, with a reputation for upstanding integrity and outstanding customer service. When you need a partner to deliver an impactful website content your Philadelphia company, look no further than DMP. We deliver results.

Every member of our team is trained in content marketing services, which includes strategy, writing, and optimization, so you know you’re working with experts who have the knowledge and experience to get your website rankings with Google, increase your visibility with your targeted customers, and produce the leads you need to grow your business. We have a reputation for consistently getting real results for our clients. Our team of Philadelphia content writing and optimization experts are personable and we work closely with you, either in person or remotely. When you choose DMP to partner with you, we consider your business our business and we’ll do everything in our power to help you succeed.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, DMP offers a variety of services. In addition to SEO and Philadelphia content marketing services, we also provide social media marketing, web design, PPC management, and more. Whatever your specific needs are, we can tailor a campaign to increase your website rankings and organic traffic. Our ultimate goal is to help you connect with customers who need your products and services. A powerful online presence is essential in today’s digital world and a fundamental part of your company’s success. We want to help you establish your online presence and partner with you in all your digital marketing needs. Let’s get started!

Unlock The Power Of Philadelphia Content Marketing

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Content marketing is the delivery of content to a targeted audience, with the goal of driving sales. Digital content can include blogs, articles, social media, web page content, SEO landing pages and much more. Our content marketing team produces original content which is never outsourced or copied.

Content is the backbone of the internet: Google loves it, people love it. In order to capture the attention of your audience and competitive search engine rankings, your website needs good content. Our Philadelphia content marketing services are designed to serve two masters: (1) Google and (2) People. SEO-friendly and people-friendly, our content is more productive than our competitor’s content. When we craft content, we look at the big picture so that our content is more productive and can be repurposed for a broader spectrum of uses.

  • Gain Credibility

    Having original content is the core of the internet and it’s how Google figures out who you are. These words compel prospects to purchase from you or use your services.

  • Industry Leading Content

    Our Philadelphia content marketing team has provided industry-leading original content services for decades. Put our talents to work for you, and see the difference that our professional content managers can make for your company.

  • Expand Your Market

    By integrating a content marketing program into your overall digital marketing strategy, our team can help your business grow.

  • Trusted Provider

    Experience combined with passion creates a trusted provider for your business. As a premier content marketing services company in Philadelphia, we oversee your overall original content roadmap and become your trusted advisor.

  • Increased Social Media Presence

    Have your social media platforms managed by a top rated social media management company serving Philadelphia and Bucks County. A presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter helps Google identify your company as a legitimate resource for potential customers.

  • Content Marketing Consulting

    With years of experience, our content marketing management team in Philadelphia has seen all that the internet has to offer. Tap our digital marketing knowledge to help you to make the most sense of what works on the internet, and what does not.

  • Add Value To Your Brand

    Having original content, articles, blogs, and social media posts with the right marketing strategy, you can establish your company as a trusted resource and bring value to your brand.


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Our Philadelphia content marketing management service will help you succeed. Let’s get started.



  • Original Content

    Original content authoring ensuring completely unique content. Written by our professional content creation team at DMP.

  • Industry Specific Content

    From plumbing and retail to medical and legal, we will create your industry specific content that best suits your needs.

  • Content Word Volume

    Google and other search engines want a minimum work count on a page, post, article, etc. That is why you will receive a minimum of at least 350 words.

  • Content Optimization

    Maximizing content marketing performance by remove grammatical errors, spelling errors and creating content fluidity.

  • Digital Marketing Consulting

    Our team of experts will guide you through every step of your content creation process. From strategy to execution, we’re here to help you get results.

  • Content Distribution

    For clients that are engaged in a social media campaign with us, we make announcements of the blog across your social accounts managed by DMP.

Pricing & Service Plans


Discounted rates may be available. Still have questions? Reach out to us.

Webpage Content & Blogging

Great for business websites & blogs supplimenting SEO strategy
Starting At

$115 /page

350 Word Minimum

  • Page Content & Blogging Services Include:
  • BLOGGING – Creation of one or more blogs per month. Blogs are relevant to the products/services that you offer. Minimum of 350 words and we can post the content to your website. All blog content is original and SEO-ready.
  • ARTICLES – Articles are much like blogs, but tend to be larger and more formal. Articles can also be posted to article aggregation websites like eZine Articles. Like our blogs, content is original, engaging and SEO-friendly.
  • WEB PAGE CONTENT – Need content for your website? Have duplicate content on your website that is hurting search engine performance? DMP’s content marketing team can help.
  • VIDEO PRODUCTION – Our content team can also assist with video production. From the script to casting and production, we can help.
  • MISC. CONTENT NEEDS – Let us know what your company needs, and we can create a unique solution to accommodate.
  • And Much More...

Social Media Content & Posting

Great for businesses of all sizes to suppliment SEO strategy
Starting At

$25 /post

1 Post Per Week Minimum

  • Social Media Content & Posting Include:
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Let our team keep your social media platforms fresh and your customers engaged. We can also use our Philadelphia social media marketing to distribute other content, like blogs or new product announcements.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT CREATION – Creation of social platforms if they do not yet exist.
  • SEO REINFORCEMENT – Campaign management will be executed in a manner that benefits SEO
  • ORIGINAL CONTENT – Social media posts will be both professional and engaging.
  • And Much More...

Need a custom service plan? We can work with you to find a solution to fit your needs. Reach out to us.



Content marketing is not new. It’s been around for decades. But it wasn’t until the early 2000s when companies began to realize the power of content marketing. In fact, according to Hubspot, content marketing is now the most effective form of digital advertising.

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    We provide full service digital marketing services across a range of industries. Our clients include small businesses, large corporations, start-ups, and government agencies.

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