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Our Amazing Clients

Some Of Our Recent SEO & PPC Clients

Along with our testimonials, let our results do the talking for us. All case studies are real and unmodified. Still have questions? Reach out to us.

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Our Amazing Clients

RW Water Softener

Along with our testimonials, let our results do the talking for us. All case studies are real and unmodified. Still have questions? Reach out to us.

When RW Water Softener hired us for SEO services and digital marketing more than two years ago, they had just started their online efforts. The website barely registered on search engines, appearing primarily when people Googled the domain, rwatersystems.com. The company was struggling to develop business from a burgeoning online market.


As the campaign progressed, the website gradually rose to the top of search engines. Landing pages were constructed for key markets, and the client started to gain traffic from these areas. During an early 6-month period of the campaign, results were positive, with an organic traffic increase of more than 30%.

This growth was significant and a direct result of SEO efforts, from content optimization to landing page creation to linkbuilding. Around 30% of visitors to the website were arriving from search engines, with about 90% of that number being new to the site. At this point, our SEO team was only getting started with the campaign. In coming months, we would see organic traffic increase by around 10% every month. These were small gains, and there were months (as you can see in the image below) where traffic was down. But overall, these gains accumulated, and the website continued to crawl to the top of search engines.


More than a year into the campaign, we started to see big spikes, like with January 2018 in the image above. It took months of hard work and steady progress to start seeing these dramatic “spikes” in traffic. The campaign reached a point where today, its traffic is up by 430% compared with August of two years ago.


RW Water Softener could have easily stopped SEO services at the six-month mark, after good keyword gains and the 30% traffic increase. But they decided to keep going, and they experienced phenomenal growth because of their commitment to an ongoing digital marketing campaign.
In the SEO industry, we like to describe our work as a marathon, not a sprint. Nothing makes this more clear than the above results. Commitment to your digital marketing campaign will involve lots of communication, hard work, and trust. But if you keep going, the results can be incredible. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in a digital marketing strategy for the long-term.

Our Amazing Clients

Vermont Soap

Along with our testimonials, let our results do the talking for us. All case studies are real and unmodified. Still have questions? Reach out to us.


How many times have you washed your hands today, or better yet how many times have your coworkers? Right now there might be your favorite scented holiday soap in the bathroom. For some there might be an empty soap bottle with a little water to get the remnants out. No matter how you go about picking your soap, could you successfully differentiate your product in a national e-commerce playing field? Today we look into how SEO efforts were able to get national rankings for organic soap through 3 simple steps: lather, rinse, repeat.


Vermont Soap’s SEO campaign launched in February of 2018 with a robust WordPress site for the bulk of their content and Shopify for all end products.

From the homepage of the business:

“Vermont Soap has been replacing yucky petrochemical based products with yummy natural formulations made from organic oils and herbs.”

Our team was tasked with capturing national rankings for this e-commerce site with a product that, in retrospect, was made to disrupt consumer behavior in the soap industry—that being how you pick your soap.

Initial research in Google Analytics identified which products were already driving traffic and sales. We broke all products of the site into the categories below:

  1. Organic Soap
  2. Organic Castile Soap
  3. Organic Foaming Hand Soap
  4. Organic Deodorant
  5. Handmade Soap
  6. Organic Moisturizer
  7. Natural Cleaning Spray
  8. Natural Organic Shower Gel
  9. Soap for Dry and Sensitive Skin
  10. Shea Butter

Next, our team lathered keyword research into title tags, META descriptions, and on-page content. We optimized product categories in addition to core pages of the wholesale website, ranging from organic soap for oily skin to handmade bar soap made from coconut. How do you lather your keywords into your title tags and descriptions?

Page: https://shop.vermontsoap.com/shop-by-skin-type/normal-skin/

Title Tag: Handmade, All Natural Bar Soap Made with Coconut, Olive & Palm Oil Description: Looking for an all-natural soap that will keep your skin healthy? Try our handmade bar soap, made from organic ingredients.

Page: https://shop.vermontsoap.com/shop-by-skin-type/oily-skin/

Title Tag: Organic Soap for Oily Skin | Liquid Castile, Clay & Astringent Soap Description: Keep your skin clear and healthy with organic soap for oily skin from Vermont Soap, producer of fine organic products since 1992.

The meta information above (visible only in the page source-code and to Google index) communicates a clear message to search engines—soap manufactured with a high regard for quality, health, and resources.


The first 30 days of SEO are crucial to results and overall success for the campaign. After lathering a multifaceted SEO strategy throughout the website, our next step was rinsing organic traffic growth. In SEO, we measure organic traffic growth from Google and Bing to gauge campaign success.

Below you will see organic traffic over the course of a 5 month period in 2018 (orange line) compared to 2019 (blue line).

March 1st-August 31st Organic Search Traffic for Vermont Soap


In 2018, organic search traffic increased month to month from June to August.

Note: traffic in May 2018 was skewed because the Google Analytics tracking code had to be reinstalled.

March 2018: 10,172

April 2018: 4,911

May 2018: 1,204

June 2018: 8,974

July 2018: 9,365

August 2018: 11,267

September 2018: 11,600

In 2019, we saw organic traffic up 36.63% year over year: from 44,273 to 60,491 organic users. The month to month breakdown was as follows:

March 2019: 11,409 (up)

April 2019: 10,050 (up)

May 2019: 9,571

June 2019: 9,500 (up)

July 2019: 10,530 (up)

August 2019: 11,300 (up)

Impression Data

Impressions are when a user sees a website in search results. They strongly indicate SEO growth because as rankings move upward, more people see the website.

We pulled impressions to the Vermont Soap website from June 1st to August 31st in both 2018 and 2019:



Impressions were up in 2018 with the site spiking at 10,698 impressions in one day on August 28th. Our total impressions to the site within those months was 662K.



By 2019, we had achieved more saturation across the market, so growth is less apparent in the figure above. Regardless, the website totaled 854K total impressions during the same 2019 time frame—a 192% increase from 2018.


After rinsing organic traffic for the Vermont Soap website and noting our successes, we worked to repeat SEO growth for the website. During the early phases of SEO, as Google acclimates to our optimization, we see major incremental gains. Then, growth steadies out and moves at an incremental pace, as seen in our 2019 figures.

Keywords in title tags, META descriptions, and on-page content led to successful national rankings for the Vermont Soap website:

#1 for Acidic Soaps

#1 for Alkaline Body Wash

#1 for Alkaline Soap

#1 for Organic Bar Soaps

#1 for Castille Soap

#1 for Conventional Deodorant

#1 for Natural Bar Soap

#1 for Natural pH Soap

#1 for Organic Castille Soap

#1 for Organic Liquid Soap

#1 for pH Balanced Soap

#1 for Private Label Soap

#1 for Wholesale Soap

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

So, how did e-commerce pick your soap? Through the use of a multifaceted SEO strategy with different keyword considerations, our team yielded national rankings for organic soap and delivered significant growth with organic traffic. Our keyword lather on product categories and wholesale pages initiated visibility across search engines. Once our data was rinsed, we achieved organic traffic and impression growth. An SEO campaign wouldn’t be complete without repeating what works, ensuring saturation for crucial keyword categories.

Should your campaign become stagnant, it may be time for a touch-up on the site. Looking for a good place to start? Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Our Amazing Clients


Along with our testimonials, let our results do the talking for us. All case studies are real and unmodified. Still have questions? Reach out to us.


Grillnetics Is A Comprehensive Outdoor Cabinetry Store That Also Offers A Premium Outdoor Kitchen & Island Grill Design System To Help You Transform Your Living Space!


Company Objectives

The Goal Was To Increase The Number Of Monthly Inquiries For Their High Ticket Products Whilst Keeping Our User’s Search Intent Very High To Ensure We Are Utilizing Our Budget The Most Effective Way.

Campaigns Were Set Up To Target Major Cities In The USA That Also Had Warm Weather Year Round. Various Ad copy, Landing Page & Automation Settings Have

Been Split Tested Since The Launch To Help Us Identify Where We Are Compromising Quality Traffic To The Site.

  • Increase Quality Of Traffic
  • Increase Lead Generation
  • Fix & Implement Accurate Conversion Tracking

The Result?

By Month 3 We Had Received Double The Amount Of Conversions Than We Did Our First Month, While Spending Almost The Same Amount Of Money On Ads.

Nov. 2019


Jan. 2020


Since Then, We Have been Able To Continue This Upward Trend In Conversions While Continuing to Lower Our Cost Per Conversion Through Increasing Campaign Budgets & Making Ongoing Optimizations To The Campaigns. ↓

June 2020


All Time Progress



  • Site Traffic Increased By Over 430%
  • Conversions Increased By Over 400%
  • Cost Per Conversion Has Decreased by 42.8%
Our Amazing Clients

Eric Alan Berg & Associates

Along with our testimonials, let our results do the talking for us. All case studies are real and unmodified. Still have questions? Reach out to us.


Eric Alan Berg & Associates came to us for SEO services in August of 2017, cancelled services in June 2018, and then resumed SEO services in March 2019. This case study will observe organic traffic growth during active services and discuss the ranking losses that are associated with cancellation. All data below was collected via the website’s Google Analytics account.

Using results-driven content optimization, we ran a successful SEO campaign for Berg & Associates. Traffic increased steadily for more than 6 months up to the point of cancellation.

Organic Traffic Growth


After discontinuing SEO services in June 2018, traffic to the Berg & Associates website started to drop in August 2018 through February 2019.

Traffic Losses After Cancellation


Restarting SEO Services

In March 2019, Berg & Associates resumed SEO services. Our team worked to reimplement and refine keyword optimization, linkbuilding, and other technical elements. By the end of May, we had recovered some of the lost traffic and keyword rankings.


The SEO campaign is currently ongoing, and it will take time to fully recover the traffic that was lost when services were paused. Seasonality and other variables can affect traffic trends, but our SEO campaign will eventually recover the traffic losses.

Overall, this case study shows how quickly progress is lost when a successful SEO campaign is cancelled. Once our ongoing SEO work stopped, organic traffic for Berg & Associates dropped from a high of 403 users to a low of 149 users in the course of 5 months.

SEO has always been a long-term marketing strategy, but it is a strategy that can pay off immensely with the right optimization and with enough time. Call us for more information on a custom SEO campaign that will help your business grow.

Our Amazing Clients

Powell's Plumbing

Along with our testimonials, let our results do the talking for us. All case studies are real and unmodified. Still have questions? Reach out to us.


Powell’s Plumbing Is a comprehensive plumbing provider available 24 hours a day Servicing the Winchester, VA area.


Company Objectives:

  • Increase Lead Generation From A PPC Campaign
  • Lower Our Cost Per Lead
  • Implement Accurate Conversion Tracking

The Results?

We Started Off With Month Over Month Conversions being around 10. After 3-4 months of optimizing the ad campaign and CRO for the website we started to see double the conversions. After that started being steady we started focusing on how we can lower

our cost per conversion metric, which over the course of 12 months has significantly decreased. ↓

June 2019


June 2020



  • Conversions up 500%
  • Decreased Cost Per Conversion by 63%
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